Preschool Gala Project

What child wouldn't love to play in his or her very own teepee? It is the perfect spot for reading a book, taking a nap, hiding out or whatever he or she can imagine! This teepee is personalized with the handprint of each preschooler in the PreK 3 and PreK 4 classes.  Also included for your child to enjoy are a cozy blanket, a book and stuffed bear!


Preschool's Part 2

First Grade Gala

Timing couldn't be more perfect!  This week is Dr. Suess, "Read Across America."  Each classroom is reading and participating in different Dr. Suess activities.  Today we caught Mrs. Wilsbach's class literally putting on the final touches of their class gala project.  Meet us at the Gala to see the finished project!


1st grade gala

Mrs. McMahon's & First Grade's Gala Project

7th grade class project

7th Grade Blessing and Prayer Book

Be inspired by the beautiful thoughts and prayers of our seventh graders!  This book contains a student photo, a scripture verse, a reflection and prayer written by each student.  Perfect to keep on a night stand or TV table, these words, out of the mouth of babes, will give you hope.  This is why we send our children to Catholic School.


Pandora string of beads sliding bracelet.

-Donated by Mrs. Staffaroni


Check out this stunning hand-crafted silver earrings with Tanzonite stone.

-Donated by Mrs. Staffaroni


Bid on this hand-crafted beveled moon stone in silver. 

-Donated by Mrs. Staffaroni

2nd Grade

Mrs. Wolf and Mrs. Manchak present a one of a kind item.  This year 2nd grade's class project is two fold.  The first item is a solid wood American Flag.  On the back each students' signature has been wood-burned.  The second item is a class book.  This year in computer class each student learned Photoshop tools and placed themselves in a famous US spot.  They then added a short paragraph on what makes America Great.  This two for one item will go quick so make sure you make your bids early!