2023-2024 School Year Dress Code

A uniform Dress Code in our Catholic school emphasizes the importance our Church teaches us regarding the equality of all.  Therefore, Holy Name of Jesus School continues to implement guidelines for student dress.  As a member of the student body, it is expected that all students follow the guidelines established.  It is our expectation that all dress code guidelines be followed.  Should circumstances arise that necessitate an exception to the dress code guidelines, it is requested that parents/guardians contact the school office for temporary suspension of these guidelines.

All school & physical education uniforms for girls and boys must be purchased from the Flynn & O'Hara School Uniform Company.



    Store Location:  
    Flynn & O'Hara
    869 Eisenhower Boulevard
    Harrisburg PA  17111
    Telephone:  717-939-5600

To Place an Order:
Order online or call 1-800-441-4122 anytime
Orders may be shipped directly to your home or to the store for customer pick-up
It is suggested that orders be placed by July 15 in order to assure delivery prior to the start of the school  year