The mission of the Holy Name of Jesus Board of Education is to provide assistance to the pastor and principal to integrate the teachings and values of the Catholic Church into the entire school community. As we believe in one church, we strive for one school, inclusive of all God's children with respect for their diverse cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We seek to provide a nurturing environment that fosters the growth of the whole child, intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically. Together with the Pastor, Principal, Church and Community we seek to develop responsible, confident, life-long learners who contribute positively to the Catholic Church and to society.


Name                                                                Phone                 

Very Rev. Edward J. Quinlan, Pastor     717-652-4211     
Sister Rita Smith, SSJ                              717-657-1704   
John Guyer                                                717-652-6167    
Andrew Hamann                                       717-541-4359     
Tammy Harris                                           717-474-8234     
Chad Hotsko                                             717-651-9655     
Jim Gontis                                                 717-657-4804     
Susan Mulá                                               717-469-4254     
Ashley Rice                                                717-651-0233     
Carol Smith                                               717-599-7887     
Lori Wrabel                                                717-564-6033