Coronavirus Information from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.


It is time for re-registration for Holy Name of Jesus School. We believe that parents, faculty, staff and administration are all partners in the formation and education of our children.

Our spiritual and financial support is necessary for our children's future.

To reregister you will receive an email with a link that says:


For the 2020-2021 school year it is our desire to provide your child with an excellent Catholic education. Our estimate is that it will cost about $5,600 per student to operate the school program. The school operating budget for last year was $1,818,952. As you know, part of the difference between what families pay in tuition and the cost to operate the program is generated through the fundraising efforts of the school community. The bulk of the additional funds comes from the parish in the form of a subsidy for the school program. This past year the parish contributed over $460,000 in support of the parish grade school. That is about 27.5% of the total ordinary income of the parish.

We have a tuition based program for the school. We know that this can be a burden on families already paying school taxes and appreciate the sacrifices you make for your children. A modest increase in tuition will enable us to meet increases for staff salaries and benefits which make up the bulk of our budget (about 80%).

We do not wish to exclude any Catholic student for lack of funds. There are scholarships available through the Neumann Scholarship Foundation of the diocese through FACTS. Families who believe that they will require assistance with their tuition need to apply to these groups as a first step. Additional parish scholarship support, beyond what these organizations can offer, will be considered on the basis of need as determined by the family's application. Applications for the scholarship programs are on the school website. Applications need to be submitted by March 1, 2020.

We continue to address the building needs as we make improvements to our school facility, all to enhance the educational experience and safety of our children.

1 child 2 children 3 children 4+
Active Catholic Parishioner $3,860 $6,050 $7,200 add $1,000
Non-Catholic $5,475

If you are interested in applying for financial aid to offset the cost of your child's education, please do the following:

1. Go to the school website at There will be a link that will forward you to the on-line application.

2. Follow the instructions to complete the on-line application by March l, 2020. Holy Name of Jesus will pay the application fee.

3. Your application will be reviewed. Applicants not meeting eligibility requirements will be contacted.

4. You will be notified in the summer months if you receive funds.

5. If you have questions or need assistance completing these applications, please contact our school office. Sister Rita Smith, SSJ, Principal, is available to meet at a mutually convenient time to review your questions confidentially.

Together with a financial commitment, a successful Catholic education requires a spiritual commitment. The children are taught in our school to pray daily and attend Mass each weekend. For our Catholic families, participation at Mass on Sundays is essential. Please be part of the Holy Name family as we pray together for one another.

Attached you will find a financial tuition agreement. Please return it and a $100.00
re-registration fee to the office by March 1, 2020. The re-registration fee after April 1, 2020 will increase to $125.00.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact the school office.



Coronavirus Announcement

Important coronavirus announcement from Father Quinlan

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Coronavirus Information from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Interested in Field Hockey?

Grades K- 8 have the opportunity for two upcoming events

Online Registration is now open for the 2020-2021

Holy Name of Jesus School Online Registration is now open for the 2020-2021 School Year

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Asbestos Notification

The Diocese of Harrisburg provides our school with a Parent/Legal Guardian Notification each school year explaining the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act as it pertains to Holy Name of Jesus School.


Flexible Instructional Days

The State of Pennsylvania is now allowing schools across the state to use five Flexible Instructional Days as part of the calendar. Flexible Instructional Days are to be used when, in ordinary circumstances, school could not be held – when school is closed for inclement weather, or in similar circumstances. All the schools in the Diocese of Harrisburg are implementing this approach this year. Therefore, Holy Name of Jesus School will have five Flexible Instructional Days in the calendar. When school is cancelled, you will be informed that we are using a Flexible Instructional Day. A flexible instructional day is considered a full instructional school day. It will count for a full school day and these school days will NOT need to be added to the calendar in order to make up for a missed school day.

Why are we implementing Flexible Instructional Days?

We are doing so because we believe that continuity of instruction is important. In adding make up days to other points in our calendar, we are sometimes making up a day but losing momentum in learning. Flexible Instructional Days allow us to continue to learn and provide a chance to do so in ways that are creative and engaging.

How will a Flexible Instructional Day work?

Once we have established a flexible instructional day, students will work on the lessons that the teachers have provided. Some teachers will be sending home a packet of work with instructions the day before a predicted storm. Other teachers will be posting the assignments on the Parent Portal. Students will be required to complete work for each of the classes they have that particular day according to the schedule. Spanish, Art, Music, Computer, Physical Education, and Library will only have an assignment if this class is part of your child’s schedule that day. Every teacher will be posting instructions and expectations of their assignments on the Parent Portal. Throughout the Flexible Instructional Day teachers will be available from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm via email to answer any questions the student would have regarding their assignment. Students are expected to complete the given assignments and turn them in as requested the first day back to school. If the weather necessitates an additional Flexible Instructional Day before our return to school, the teacher will be posting additional work for the second Flexible Instructional Day

How will my child find his assignment?

Log on to your child’s Plus Portals account or using our website. The class page will contain the assignments for the day. The teacher will post the assignments by 9:00 am.

How will we know that this is working well?

The completion of work will equate to attendance at school for that day. The State of Pennsylvania requires that we take attendance that day. In order for Holy Name of Jesus School to count these Flexible Instructional Days as a school calendar day, students MUST complete their work as required.

How will you know that it is a Flexible Instructional Day?

When you receive a phone call, text, and email from me the evening before or the morning of a school cancellation, I will be including in my message that it is a Flexible Instructional Day. Remember we are only permitted five Flexible Instructional Days. All other days will be makeup days. Thank you for your understanding, support, and cooperation! We are excited for this new undertaking and are grateful for your trust and assistance in this new endeavor. Please contact or 717-657-1704 if you have any questions.